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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Jul 11, 2008

Whew! The summer heat has hit. Perhaps a bit overdue, we have yet to receive complaints about the hot temperatures and high humidity.

What is interesting though, the 2007-08 Old Farmer’s Almanac had forecasted this period correctly.

In the 216th edition, the prognosticators were quite accurate in reporting the year’s weather for the American Heartland.

The summary noted summer would be slightly cooler and drier than normal. The hottest temperatures would happen in early and mid- to late June and mid-to late July.

Here we are on the 11th of July with the hottest temperature.

How can the folks at the Farmer’s Almanac know that? We are amazed and baffled simultaneously.

Quoting from page 195, the rest of July should be stormy from today through the 20th. This will be followed by warm and sunny days. Thunderstorms should return between the 21st and 29th, again followed by sunny and hot weather. The loop swings back to thunderstorms for the rest of the month.

August is expected to start with cooler temperatures and scattered storms. Even cooler weather will follow until the 11th. It appears the balance of the month will boomerang with sun and storms.

Looking toward fall, the mercury should climb for above average temperatures.

So our advice is to enjoy summer because it’s here. While there’s a chance conditions can improve, there’s always that possibility that conditions may worsen.

Drink plenty of liquids, do not overexert and keep a check on those who cannot fend for themselves-children, the elderly and pets.

It is a certainty we will come full circle and soon be swaddled in turtlenecks, scarves and sweaters to brave the brutality of winter’s wrath.