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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Jul 17, 2008

The theme of this year’s summer reading program was Catch the Reading Bug, and judging by the number of kids who took part, there’s a lot of reading bugs crawling around out there.

What a wonderful way for a child to spend the summer, catching up on his or her favorite summer reading. This year’s theme highlighted an area of interest to many children and let them read books they might not normally read.

A total of 158 children in sixth grade and under logged a total of 1,071 minutes reading time and 111 of those returned their reading logs. There were also 12 in the teen program who read a minimum of one-half hour each day.

Everyone who took part was treated to the traditional hog dogs and root beer floats at the Estherville Public Library Wednesday night. A program followed, complete with prizes and awards.

Parents who had their children take part in this year’s summer reading program should be heartily congratulated. Children who read during the summer not only maintain but improve upon their reading skills. That gives them a tremendous edge when they start school in the fall.

Adults could learn a lot from these children who took part in the summer reading program too. Reading and learning do not end when we finish school. They should be endeavors that we pursue for the rest of our lives.

Reading enriches us. It takes us to new places and introduces us to new people. Reading expands our world and helps us understand others better.

Thanks, kids, for setting such a great example for us all.