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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Jul 26, 2008

After a full year of work, 4-Hers and other exhibitors received their rewards at the Emmet County Fair again Friday.

So far, winners have been named in the horse, sheep, swing, poultry, rabbit and beef competition as well as the pet show.

Exhibitors have to get their animals in excellent physical condition. They also have to have them meticulously groomed and in showmanship competition. They also have to ensure that their animals are trained well enough to be led in a strange environment with other people and animals. It’s stressful for not only the animal but the exhibitor as well.

We also need to think of those competitors who don’t win the top prize, too. They have worked just as hard and sweated just as much, putting in long hours getting their animals ready for show. They deserve just as much applause as everyone else, so we should give it to them.

There are two days left of this year’s Emmet County Fair. If you haven’t gone yet, you’re missing something. There’s the animals of course, but there are other exhibits as well. For smaller children, there’s a lot of fun to be found on the inflatables.

So come to the fair.

Don’t let the heat get you down

As temps climb into the eighties and beyond, we’re all more susceptible to the heat. The dog days of summer are upon us.

Following are some tips on avoiding heat exhaustion – or something worse:

n Stay hydrated. That means drinking water every hour.

n Keep salt in your system. If you find you’re perspiring profusely, make sure you get some salt into your body. Salt tablets work. So do pretzels if you don’t like the taste of salt tablets.

n Stay in the shade. It can make a difference of at least 10 degrees.

n If you don’t have air conditioning, put in a window fan. You can put fans on opposite sides of the house and turn your intake fan on the shaded side and your exhaust fan on the sunny side.

n Slow down. Take your time. The job will still get done.

n Plan stressful activities for early morning or late afternoon.