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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Aug 6, 2008

HATS OFF to the members of the Sweet Corn Days Committee who took the time Sunday to remove all of the protective barriers, fencing and tents from the downtown weekend celebration.

A special thank you to these fine men and women who also bent over and picked up countless cornless cobs and dropped butter wrappers from the streets and grassy lawn of Library Square.

It was especially nice to see the central downtown area was ready for business bright and early Monday morning with no telltale signs of the Sweet Corn Days celebration.

Another note of gratitude goes to the two city of Estherville workers who took time out of their busy work day early Monday to return all of the picnic tables to the various parks around the municipality.

Most of the committee members were on site all day Friday, along with some volunteers, to set up the barricades, fencing and tents among other details to make the 11th annual Sweet Corn Celebration a sweet success.

Volunteers are a vital part of any thriving community and should be commended for their desire to donate time and talent for the betterment of Estherville.