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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Aug 14, 2008

The Educational Legacy 4 Children (EL4C) Committee received a small reward for its hard work, taking the first tour of the new, remodeled and under construction Estherville Lincoln Central facilities on Wednesday.

The group of volunteers was responsible for putting together a plan that led to the passage of a bond issue in 2006.

Putting together a plan the ELC community could support was a huge accomplishment in itself after two previous attempts to pass bond issues for new schools failed.

Finally viewing some of the fruits of their efforts had to be satisfying.

The remodeled areas in Demoney provide plenty of space for pre-kindergarten children and the elementary addition has all the amenities.

While moving classrooms and equipment proved an inconvenience for many school employees, we’re sure the teachers, staff and students will appreciate their new digs once they’ve settled in this fall.

Thanks again to the EL4C Committee for their efforts and to the voters in the community for supporting ELC.

Upon the completion of the Wednesday’s tour, ELC superintendent Dick Magnuson requested a round of applause for architect Ed Wieninger for his efforts and also for the administrators for working around and with the construction schedules.