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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Aug 15, 2008

Now is the time for individuals to consider attending the two upcoming benefit fundraisers being sponsored by community fire departments in the area.

It’s for a good cause.

It is also for another cause-your health and safety.

Volunteer firefighters in Gruver are planning a fundraising beef and pork dinner on Saturday, Aug. 23 in the hopes of updating fire masks and replacing fire suits.

Meanwhile, in the municipality of Wallingford, the firefighters are hosting a steak sandwich meal to raise funds for the purchase of more fire and safety equipment.

These are the individuals who drop everything when any type of a fire call comes through to save lives and preserve property.

Where would we be without their loyalty and dedicated service?

It was Benjamin Franklin who first came up with the idea of a volunteer fire department. It was a novel idea at that!

In major cities, being a firefighter is an actual career. When duty calls, the individuals live in the fire hall on a rotating shift basis which lasts for days on end. These employees do one of two things:

n Wait for the alarm to ring.

n Pray it never does.

Living in rural areas like Emmet County, we count our blessing we have unselfish souls who are willing and capable to put their personal lives and jobs aside when the fire calls come in.

They risk so much for the rest of us and we are so grateful.

If you’re hankering for steak sandwich and all the fixins’, head down to the Wallingford Community Center after 5 p.m. on Saturday. If it’s beef and pork patties and potato salad you seek, make sure to go to Gruver on Aug. 23.

And let’s hope fire calls everywhere are few and far between.