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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Aug 26, 2008

Emmet County voters who are not already subject to the 1-cent local option sales tax will go to the polls today to determine whether they want the tax.

The issue came on the ballot because Excel! Estherville saw the tax as a way to help fund economic development and to help fund other costs to the city.

However, every area of the county, both urban and rural, not already subject to the tax, will vote whether they want the tax as specified on the ballot for their particular area.

If you have not already read the news stories, letters to the editor, or legal notices as to how the tax will be spent in your particular area of the county, it is not too late to educate yourself on the issue. Go to the polls. Read the ballot question carefully. And then vote your conscience, not how someone else tells you how to vote.

Many have fought and died to give you, an American citizen, the right to vote. So exercise that right.

Look out for the school children

It’s that time of year again.

Children are returning to school, all smiles and fresh faces eager to make new friends. They may not be as mindful as they should be of the traffic around them. Similarly, we as drivers may not be used to see children crossing the street in certain areas.

So please use extra caution, particularly when you drive past school zones. And slow down! There are special speed zones around schools, and police enforce them, as well they should.

You never know. A little extra caution could very well help prevent a tragedy.

And look out for the farmers too

In the next few weeks, you’ll start to see farmers heading to and from the fields. As farming operations get bigger and bigger, the hours get longer in the field.

Now is the time to keep a sharp eye out for slow-moving vehicles on rural roads. Give our farmers a wide berth and let them do their job.