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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Aug 28, 2008

Good job voters who turned out for Tuesday’s local sales tax referendum.

However, voters have two more opportunities to be heard this year and those who are registered are encouraged to make their voices heard.

In less than two weeks, on Sept. 9, is the school board election.

While the Estherville Lincoln Central school races feature incumbents running unopposed, voters will have to make choices in selecting Estherville’s representative on the Iowa Lakes Board of Trustees with incumbent Jan Lund challenged by Bob Grems.

In the Armstrong-Ringsted School District incumbent Marty Kindrick is challenged by Donald Looft for an at-large position.

Emmet County voters also must cast ballots in the Nov. 4 General Election which features several local, state and national races.

The Daily News encourages all voters to make their voice heard-and for those who haven’t registered, register today.