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Letter to the Editor

By Staff | Aug 28, 2008

To the EDN:

I write today in support of Jan Lund’s candidacy in the upcoming Iowa Lakes Community College Trustee election. I had the privilege of serving as College President at Iowa Lakes from 2001-2006. As one might anticipate, I worked very closely with each of the Trustees during my tenure.

As the old saying goes, “Half the battle is showing up.” Jan Lund was elected to the Iowa Lakes Board of Trustees in 1993. One thing in particular I notice about Jan Lund was her attendance at college functions and events. I don’t recall her missing a single trustee event during my time at Iowa Lakes. Attendance records indicate Jan Lund’s attendance approached 99 percent.

From a president’s perspective, one quality very much valued in a trustee is foresight. During my time at Iowa Lakes, the College launched several new programs which included the wind turbine program and the weekend/evening nursing program, to name two. Start up costs for programs like these are not cheap. However, with leadership like Jan’s on the board of trustees, we were able to initiate several new programs with great success.

One strength of Jan’s which I grew to admire was the relationships she developed with city, county and state officials whose support the college needed on several occasions. These relationships are critical as the college entertains thoughts of facility expansion and the purchase of additional property to accommodate these expansions. Without the relationships Jan Lund nurtured with these people, these undertakings would have been much more difficult and our students would not have have received the learning opportunities they deserved.

Jan’s thoughtfulness, insight and support for growth within the college made my term as president much more productive and enjoyable. I would encourage you to re-elect Jan Lund to the Iowa Lakes Community College Board of Trustees.

A. Michael Hupfer

Des Moines