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Lund garners local support

By Staff | Aug 28, 2008

To the EDN:

On Tuesday Sept. 9 local voters will have the opportunity to vote for candidates for their local schools as well as their representative to the Iowa Lakes Community College Board of Trustees for the Estherville district.

First, we would like to encourage all voters to voice their opinion by voting on Sept. 9. Our local district and the Iowa Lakes Board have both done outstanding jobs during the past several years to raise the level of all our students from K-12 and through the first two years of post-secondary education, regardless of the career path that the students have selected.

Second, we would encourage you to actively support and vote for our incumbent representative trustee for Iowa Lakes Community College, Janice Lund. Ms. Lund has been a member of the board of trustees for over 10 years. Her experience and continuity on the board will enable her to continue to lead Iowa Lakes Community College policy issues in the future. She presently holds the position of vice president of the board of trustees. Iowa Lakes, like all other community colleges in the state, has grown dramatically. The number of students and the diversity of programs have allowed our population, young and old, to further their education and job skills. Ms. Lund has been an integral part of the planning and policy making decisions that has brought these advances to our community. Ms. Lund has given freely of her time in the past and we know will continue to join her colleagues on the board of trustees to spend the time and effort necessary to see that Iowa Lakes Community College continues to excel in all it’s endeavors. Please support Janice Lund on Sept. 9.

George H. and Judy Shadle,