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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Sep 5, 2008

Estherville Lincoln Central elementary students returned to class Wednesday this week. That means it’s time for drivers to be careful about those little ones who might not think twice about running across the road to see their friends or to chase a ball.

This shouldn’t apply to just school zones, either. Throughout the community, intersections are busier with pedestrians and bicyclists, so please look out for others.

Look out for farmers too

Harvest season can bring its own special set of challenges for drivers. As the crops turn color, you know that the combines will be in the fields again soon.

So please look out for farmers in slow-moving vehicles, both on the side and main roads. Better yet, take a little extra time to plan your trip to work or school each day. Adding another 10 minutes to your daily commute can reduce a lot of frustration on the roadway.

Please be kind to your local editor and writers

September is Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month. We know that we don’t always deserve it, but please be kind to us anyway.

Shameless Promotion Month

September is also Shameless Promotion Month, a great month for writers and editors to take time to ask people to be kind to them.

Sort of appropriate, huh?

Enjoy the outdoors before it’s too late

A lot of folks think fall is the best time of year in Iowa.

We agree.

Soon, you will see the trees start turning. The golden oaks and red and scarlet maples will blend their colors into a tapestry that only Nature can master.

The mosquitoes are gone, and migrating birds arc across the sky. Occasional woodsmoke fires evoke memories of earlier times.

On Friday nights, there’s the lights and drum beats and cheers of high-school football.

Fall in Iowa. Isn’t that reason enough to live here?