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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Sep 11, 2008

Now with a new rhythm established in households across the state and nation because school routines are being adhered to, we applaud those dedicated individuals who chose to enter the teaching profession.

From day care to graduate school, educators have their own kind of rhythm in that they must ebb and flow with state mandates, new methods of teaching, how to solve classroom crises, develop the strongest bladder muscles and make every attempt at giving every student the best possible education … and that is every day over the course of the year and the child’s school career.

Lesson plans do offer a road map of sorts for each school day, week and month. However, the tiniest interruption can throw it way off schedule, i.e., fire drills, water line breaks, assemblies, pep rallies, snow days. Teachers need to be flexible in some ways and quite rigid in others like school rules where there can be no wiggle room.

And while the age-old argument is that teachers are paid handsomely for a nine-month-a-year profession, let’s remember one thing-this is the only career we know of that goes home with the employee in the form of huge piles of papers to grade and record before returning the work to the students.

Hang in there educators! There are eight months remaining in the 2008-09 school year!