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Continue to remember Miss Margaret Maniece

By Staff | Sep 13, 2008

To the EDN:

First let me congratulate you on the well written, obviously well researched, and certainly interesting feature article describing a deserving educator of this community.

Miss Margaret Maniece was an example of a professional that any school system would be desirous to have on staff. The dedication which she showed to her students was exemplary to the point that a board of education chose to remember this great lady by naming an educational building to her honor. That board acted in good faith I’m sure with good support from the community.

I have no criticism of the board of education in the removal of the Maniece building. They have acted, I hope, with good faith and knowledge of present day needs to execute the educational process of our modern day.

I had the privilege of serving on that board for nine years and I credit your current board members for their dedication and keeping current for the educational needs of the young people of our community.

With that said, I hope the Board of Education doesn’t forget the contribution this great lady, Miss Margaret Maniece, made to young people of this community. Buildings can be torn down but a tribute to honor her should be continued. Please don’t forget the contribution that dedicated people like Miss Maniece have made to this community. Maybe it would be appropriate for the board to select an ad hoc committee to study an appropriate ongoing honorarium.

R.N. Lepird