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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Sep 17, 2008

Mega thanks to the Estherville Ambassadors who took time Tuesday to salute all First Responder units in Estherville.

Take a minute and think where we would be without the protection these safety forces provide to the community 24/7. That means days, nights, holidays and weekends.

Not a nanosecond goes by that a dispatcher isn’t in position to page any of the entities needed for whatever emergency situation may arise.

The ambassadors along with the members of the Estherville Area Chamber of Commerce feted the safety forces with a steak dinner at the Riverview Golf Course clubhouse as a small token of their appreciation.

The various entities being thanked include members of:

n Estherville Police Department.

n Estherville Fire Department.

n Estherville Ambulance Service.

n Emmet County Sheriff’s Department.

n Iowa State Highway Patrol.

While we may take many things for granted, let’s not forget that not all of these individuals are paid when they assume the role of public protector. They take on this unselfish responsibility as a way to give back to the community, as they give up time from work and their coveted free hours.

The least that any of us can do is to say, “Thank you safety forces for providing continuous protection to us and our community.”