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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Sep 24, 2008

Now is the time for residents of Iowa to applaud the keen vision of Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc, which will undoubtedly come to aid the country in erasing our dependence on foreign fuel.

It is a comforting thought that for every barrel of ethanol that is produced, exactly 1.2 barrels of petroleum are displaced.

Now that is not to say we want to lose any of the American workers along the Gulf Coast, in Alaska, or points elsewhere who are employed by U.S. oil refineries. But it is a desirable thought to think the day is nearing when we will not be dependent on foreign petroleum.

That will most definitely be a time to close up shop and celebrate for the good of the country and for the good health of our personal economic status.

Superior Ethanol in the town by the same name is the second 50 million-gallon facility to call Iowa home. It is a first-rate facility that is an employer to 37 workers who mann the 24/7 operation.

It is a’maize’ing when one considers how the facility takes corn to create a product that is an environmentally friendly, renewable, clean-burning, high performance fuel.

Roughly 3 billion bushels of our country’s corn was used to produced ethanol last year.

It certainly is a win-win situation for all Americans when considering the production of Ethanol:

n Creates jobs and investments in the rural sector.

n Increases the value of corn.

n Incorporates more oxygen into the fuel for a more complete combustion process.

n Boosts our country fuel supply.

n Helps to lower prices at the gasoline pump.

While the finished produced doesn’t glitter like gold, its effect on every facet of the American spectrum is priceless.

Way to go, Superior Ethanol-may Ethanol pour out of your facility like there’s no tomorrow!