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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Sep 26, 2008

Thank you Steve Danielson for taking the reins on the political question-and-answer forum hosted by the Estherville Area Chamber of Commerce and Estherville Cable Commission Wednesday evening.

Danielson pulled the event together in traditional red, white and blue fashion as questions were secured from the general public for the 10 candidates seeking public office on the Emmet County tier.

According to news accounts appearing on page 1 of this edition of the Estherville Daily News, each candidate confidently answered the set of questions in a concise manner as there was a two-minute time limit per response.

It was disappointing that more citizens and voters did not attend the event which lasted about an hour.

It is our sincere hope that everyone makes it a personal mission to go to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 4.

There’s so much at stake with this election, so every vote is worth its weight in gold.

In addition to the above three races, Deb Saturn of Estherville is challenging incumbent Rep. Marcella Frevert for the Iowa House seat representing District 7.

Another incumbent, U.S. Rep. Tom Latham is up for re-election and being challenged by Becky Greenwald for Iowa District 4.

U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin also is facing the occasion for re-election as challenger Christopher Reed is fighting for the position.

Saving the best for last, don’t forget the biggest contest of them all … the one for the U.S. Presidency as both John McCain and Barack Obama have to realize there are only 39 days remaining until the polls open for business.

Therefore, now is the time to make up your mind to vote by absentee ballot or by going to the polls on Election Day.

Just do it.

Your mark is just as valuable as any other red-blooded American voter.