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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Sep 30, 2008

At the annual Estherville Good Samaritan Society Foundation benefit dinner Saturday evening, Estherville Good Samaritan Executive Director Bruce Radtke said funds raised from this year’s foundation fund drive will go toward continuing education for employees.

What a wonderful idea.

We can certainly admire the results of last year’s foundation fund drive which raised funds for the memory care unit at Good Sam. It was a very needed project, something that will allow people to keep their relatives afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease in their own hometown.

This year’s fund drive will help provide tuition assistance to, for instance, certified nursing assistants who want to take nursing classes.

That’s a wonderful idea for a number of reasons.

First of all, it helps local employees develop their skills so they can continue to serve people locally. It’s a way to help those pick themselves up by their bootstraps and better themselves.

Secondly, it ensures that people who are already acquainted with the long-term care field are given the skills to advance in the field. They already know what it’s like to work with senior citizens – both the challenges as well as the rewards – so they know what to expect when they go to work each day. By furthering their education, they’re making more of a commitment to serve the elderly.

Finally, it’s an investment in the local community. Tuition dollars spent locally at Iowa Lakes Community College will better our immediate area. Those dollars can be spent to further improve the programs and facilities to make a great program even greater.

If you want to share in this vision, consider giving to the Estherville Good Samaritan Society Foundation today. Call Jo Planting at 362-2070 and make your investment in bettering the quality of long-term care in Estherville.