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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Oct 14, 2008

This Friday night, Graettinger/Terril will play Ruthven-Ayrshire at the homecoming game.

We hope everyone who can will go out and support the Knights.

Creatures of the Night Night Hike

If you haven’t heard about it yet, the Creatures of the Night Night Hike will be 6-8 p.m. tonight at the Emmet County Nature Center.

Just take County A34 east from Wallingford to the T where it joins N40 then continue east to the nature center at Wolden Campground. You’ll learn about creatures that own the night. It’s not a scary but an educational hike that everyone in the family will enjoy.

Think of others at Thanksgiving

In these uncertain economic times, we should think of others in need during the holiday season.

The Upper Des Moines Opportunity food pantry at 508 S. First St. is taking donations of nonperishable food items for people who may have a difficult time meeting all their expenses this winter. Between paying for gas, home heating and other costs, many people may have to choose between buying food and having enough money to drive to work.

Help reduce their burden by donating to the UDMO food pantry. And don’t wait until Christmas to give, either. Donate as soon as you can.

Shed some light on electric bills

If you haven’t tried them yet, area retailers are carrying high-efficiency light bulbs that use only a quarter of the electricity of regular light bulbs. While the initial cost is a little more than conventional bulbs, the long-term savings are well worth it.

Pick some up now and keep those electric bills down.

Halloween safety

If you haven’t bought or made your kids’ Halloween costume yet, now is the time to make sure that you keep safety in mind before those little ghouls and goblins go out to terrorize the neighborhood.

First of all, if your child is trying to decide whether to be Dracula or a ghost, encourage him or her to be a ghost. It’s much better to wear white when out on the street.

Little ones are more preoccuppied with how much candy and goodies they have in their plastic pumpkins than watching for cars. Make sure they wear light-colored Halloween costumes and, if possible, with reflective strips.

Also give them a flashlight so they can find their way. That can help loads in keeping them from tripping over any obstacles.

It’s also a good idea to check their candy to make sure it’s safe. While we live in what is generally considered a safe community, it only takes one person to ruin an otherwise enjoyable Halloween for a child.

So pay particular attention to any candy that appears to have been tampered with. If in doubt, dispose of it.

A little advance planning can help ensure a safe and fun Halloween for everyone.