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Letter to the editor

By Staff | Oct 23, 2008

To the EDN:

I am concerned that some of the truths are not being allowed out by most of those in the media. Gianna Jessen is an abortion survivor. Her mother had a saline abortion in her seventh month. Miraculously Gianna came out alive. One of the nurses saved her. She is 31 years old today.

In the National Right to Life, Oct. 12, 1999, Jill Stanek RN, who worked in labor and delivery at a hospital in Oak Lawn, Ill., reported that in 1998 a 22-week-old Down syndrome baby boy arrived alive after a “botched abortion.” She wrapped him in a blanket and held him for 45 minutes until he died.

Jill was determined to do whatever was necessary so these babies would have civilized treatment. She testified in the Illinois legislature, to plead for their help.

After her presentation, there was a discussion as how to draft a law to protect these babies. Barack Obama was a legislator in Illinois. There was legislation to respect and care for these babies, (breathing heart beating) brought up. Barack Obama fought against any protection four times.

At the Saddleback Forum Obama admitted he was “pro-abortion.” He didn’t admit to what extent. After all he has promised Planned Parenthood he will protect the right of mothers to kill their unborn children. At one of Planned Parenthood meetings Obama promised, “The first thing I’d do as president is to sign the Freedom of Choice Act.”

This act would not only make abortion legalized nationally, but would overturn every pro-life limit put in place by the state legislatures.

Gianna Jessen and Jill Stanek have made an ad explaining this connection to Obama but the regular media refuses to allow the ad.

Marilyn Bose