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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Oct 24, 2008

Estherville Daily News wants to remind readers that election day is only 10 days away.

Voting is your right. Don’t abuse it. Make sure you’ve done your research and you know what each candidate stands for. Don’t just check boxes.

A great Web site that shows what each candidate’s stance is on numerous issues is www.selectsmart.com/president/2008/comparethem.html

This Web site allows users to choose two candidates and then shows their views side-by-side. It shows their views on several issues, from gun control to social security to budget issues to education. It also has links to show each candidate’s voting record.

So do your research and then make your choices based on the facts.

Top 10 reasons to vote

10. This is one of the most important elections in our lifetime. Our country has been at war for over five years. Our economy doesn’t have a good outlook. Millions of Americans are without health insurance. Chose the candidate you believe can help our nation.

9. It’s your right. Women and minority groups fought a hard battle to win the right to vote. Don’t let their struggle go to waste.

8. Fashion. You’ll get to wear a super cool “I Voted” sticker.

7. Funding. Find out which candidates support causes you believe in, whether it is cancer research or protecting the environment, and vote for them.

6. Complaining rights. Why should you get to complain about how our elected officials are doing their job if you didn’t vote?

5. Attention. Communities who have a higher number of voters generally get more attention from politicians.

4. Representation. Voting is one of your only chances to have your voice heard in government.

3. Every vote counts. Remember the 2000 Presidential election? George W. Bush won by a mere five electoral votes.

2. To protect your community. Elected officials make decisions that affect every area of the community in which you live.

1. It’s your right. Voting is the basis of a democratic society, so exercise your right, and hit the polls on Nov. 4!