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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Nov 1, 2008

Since Iowa allows us to register at the polls, there is no excuse to not get out and vote Tuesday, Nov. 4.

Nearly 1,100 Emmet County voters have already cast absentee ballots. For those concerned about getting to the polls, below are two phone numbers to contact for a ride to the polls:

n Democrats – 712-209-3849

n Republicans – 712-362-2308.

It was just eight years ago that we had one of the closest elections in history, determined by the outcome of just one state, Florida. Don’t say that your vote doesn’t count. When a million people say their vote doesn’t count, it not only counts. It can determine who will be the next president.

Armstrong concerns

The Armstrong City Council is planning a special meeting for Nov. 17 to determine how it can meet budget shortfalls with a loss of part of its local option sales tax. A realignment of the tax distribution will start Jan. 1 after the rest of Emmet County approved the tax this past August.

The local option sales tax distribution issue is exactly like the problems that poorer school districts faced until the Iowa General Assembly approved a statewide penny tax for schools. Similar legislation for municipalities would not only level the playing field for communities of various sizes. It would help reduce animosity when a community’s local option sales tax revenue is reduced when another community approves the tax. The problem does not lie in one community “taking” money from another. Rather, the problem lies with the state formula.

Hopefully, legislators will address this issue when they return to Des Moines in January.