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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Nov 12, 2008

Friday is National Recycling Day in this great country of ours. Whether or not you make the painless effort to recycle, remember it always come back to you.

It is irrelevant whether recycling makes good sense to you because this action helps to make good cents. In other words, recycling is good for our ailing economy.

Think about it.

In 2005, American initiative recycled 3.3 billion pounds of post-consumer plastics and saved a huge amount of space in our landfills. The sweet part is the plastic recycling sector alone is responsible for the creation of 52,000 jobs. Are you aware that just five pop bottles contain enough fiber for one extra large T-shirt, one square foot of carpet or enough fiber fill to fill up one ski jacket?

Glass is another recyclable item that never loses its properties. It can be recycled infinite times. Recycling glass also aids the efforts to reduce water pollution by 50 percent.

Here’s another alarming fact. It is a shame the amount of office paper Americans toss out annually. You do realize it would equal a 12-foot wall of paper from New York City to Seattle. A saving grace would be that recycled paper products help to reduce air pollution by 95 percent.

The next fact is something you are holding right now recycling a three-foot stack of newspapers saves one tree. Saving one tree may not sound worthwhile but multiplied over time means multitude of trees are left standing and will provide homes for birds, squirrels and other little critters. Trees also are part of the mix in creating oxygen for all living creatures. If every person who buys the Estherville Daily News would recycle the product, each person would be able to save more than five trees annually.

Did you know the amount of aluminum deposited into landfills every three months would be enough material to rebuild the full commercial air fleet? The average American has the opportunity recycle over 25,000 cans in his or her lifetime. A single recycled aluminum can will save enough energy to run a television for three hours.

The next time you choose to not recycle remember that this type of affirmative action is:

n Reducing waste.

n Good for the environment.

n Preserving landfill space.

n Preventing global warming.

n Reducing water pollution.

n Protecting wildlife.

n Saving energy.

Do what you can to recycle aluminum, plastics, newspaper, corrugated cardboard, steel cans, glass, magazines and computers. If we all pitch in, we will have a pretty good place in which to live.

For more information, visit www.nrc-recycle.org/americarecycles.aspx on the Internet.