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Letters to the editor

By Staff | Nov 14, 2008

To the EDN:

We, the board of directors of the Meals on Wheels program in Estherville, want to express our thanks and gratitude to the many people in our community who deliver the meals to our clients. Without this program, we have residents of our community who would not be able to have a hot nutritious meal once a day.

These meals are delivered seven days a week. Good Samaritan prepares the meals during the week days and Avera Holy Family Health prepares and delivers the meals on weekends and holidays. From Sept. 1, 2007 through Sept. 30, 2008, Good Samaritan provided 4,850 meals and Avera Holy Family Health provided 1,740 meals. For one month it takes approximately 25 volunteers to deliver the meals.

These volunteers represent the following churches and organizations:

Avera Holy Family Health Services, Crossroads Church, Estherville Lutheran Church, First Christian Church, First Presbyterian Church, Grandview Baptist Church, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, St. Patrick’s Church, United Methodist Church, VFW Auxiliary. Each church is responsible for one month, VFW Auxiliary has two months. They are on a rotating basis so they do not have the same month every year.

Members of our board of directors are Dorothy Neppl, president, Mary Lown, vice president, Velma White, secretary, Donna Roth, treasurer, Ellen Johnson, Pat Erickson, Paulette Graff, Susan Jacobson, Carol Shipley and Linda Ligeman.

We are in need of more volunteers to help deliver these meals. The meals are picked up between 10:35-10:40 a.m. at the back door of Good Samaritan. There are four routes and depending on the route, it takes approximately 30-40 minutes. We only serve the people living within Estheville city limits. The drivers are given the list of the name and the address of the people who are to receive the meals.

We would very much like to be able to have a list of volunteers that could be called upon to help if the churches or VFW need help (and they do). This list would be given to each church and organization so they would have some back up when they need help. Avera Holy Family Health could also use volunteers.

If there is any church or organization that would be able to help for one month, the VFW Auxiliary would only need to help one month instead of two. Some of their members are getting older as are some of the members of churches and no longer able to volunteer to deliver meals.

You may call me at 712-362-2968.

Again, our appreciation to all of you.

Dorothy Neppl