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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Nov 18, 2008

If you’re like a lot of people this year, you probably haven’t had the chance to get out and do your Christmas shopping.

This year, people are probably delaying shopping more than they have for a long time. The reason, of course, is the economy.

There is a way though that you can Christmas shop and same money at the same time.

Shop locally.

By shopping locally, you will be paying the school infrastructure local option tax that ultimately helps reduce the property tax levy. It only makes sense. When you shop locally, you help keep not only those tax dollars local, but you also help pay local salaries and keep local businesses open. And the community benefits as a result.

Certainly, you can shop in cities 100 or more miles away. But you’ll spend money on gas and lunch that could just as well be spent locally. If you figure it out, it really pays to spend the money at home to make things better here.

So think twice before you decide to head outside the area to shop that day after Thanksgiving. Do you want someone else’s city and school to benefit from your hard-earned dollars or would you rather see that money stay here.

The choice is yours.