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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Jun 25, 2009

Emmet County nonprofits received more than $96,000 in grants from the Emmet County Community Foundation Wednesday.

And the awards could not have been more well deserved.

Projects ranged from a gospel concert to a laptop computer, from playground equipment to handicap access. And all grant applications were made by deserving groups of dedicated volunteers who have already proven their commitment to making Emmet County a better place to live.

Thanks and congratulations also should also go to the Emmet County Community Foundation Board of Directors – citizen volunteers from throughout Emmet County who give unflinchingly of their time to review grant applications and make grant awards.

Board members include Sue Nelson, chair; Kirk Olson, vice chair; Mary Ann Hoffmeyer, secretary/treasurer; Shirley Barrett; Mike Hamilton; Jennie Larsen; Deb Madden, Mark Neppel, Kevin Sander, Greg Oleson, and Ann Van De Wall.

Thanks should also go to the State of Iowa for having the foresight and vision to allocate a portion of gaming proceeds to counties without gaming facilities. That is the source of funding for groups such as the Emmet County Community Foundation.

While Iowa has been affected by the national recession, just as the rest of the country, we are indeed fortunate to have leaders and volunteers at both the state and county level who are indeed committed to work for the betterment of our citizens.

And we will all benefit as a result.