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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Jun 30, 2009

What’s wholesome, fun to eat, and helps Iowa’s economy?

Well, dairy products, of course.

June is Dairy Month, a great time to find new ways to enjoy dairy products, something with which we’re all familiar.

We all grew up drinking milk, and regardless of your dietary situation, dairy products can still fit the bill for your personal diet. Skim milk still provides all the nutrients – with none of the fat – that are found in whole milk.

If you cook, you know there’s no substitute for pure, Grade A butter. All the great chefs will tell you there’s no comparison to butter for taste. And, if used sparingly, a little butter should fit into most people’s diets.

And then there’s the culinary miracle of cheese. If you’ve ever wondered about the health benefits of cheese, just look at how many vegetarian dishes call for it. And cheese makes all of them delicious!

And of course there’s ice cream, everyone’s summertime favorite. Whether it’s hard or soft-served, ice cream is a great way to ward off that summertime heat. And whether it’s shakes, malts, or ice cream confections, a little ice cream can really help that perennial summertime question, “Hey Mom, what’s there to do?”

Iowa’s dairy industry is likely to continue to grow, too, as ethanol plants look for more customers for distillers grains. Some ethanol plants are even working toward feeding distillers grains to dairy cattle and using methane gas from manure for the ethanol production process. The result is a closed-loop system that has a relatively low environmental impact.

So whatever way you look at it – dietary, recreationally, or economically – Iowa’s dairy industry is something that affects all of us every day.

It’s no wonder, then, that June is Dairy Month!