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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Jul 22, 2009

Summer is here and school has been out for some time. Children of all ages are enjoying the freedom that lazy days of the season provide. But there is another telltale sign that summer is here and it is a situation that always hurts the owners right where it can sting the most-the wallet.

Every year it seems that an unusually higher number of violations handed out from May to September are for control of animal and/or dog running at large. There are many reasons why this is, including:

n There is more foot traffic in and out of the house and Fido and Trixie are able to make a quick getaway out the door before it closes.

n The pet of the house eventually frees itself from the tethered leash and collar on the property to roam the neighborhood and beyond.

n Your pet is on the loose all the time and as luck would have it, got caught wandering around.

Please be kind to your pets and make sure they are under control at all times. No one enjoys knowing an animal was struck down by a vehicle and killed. On the other hand, there are not too many folks we know who like to shell out $65 for the fine plus court costs of $60 for the violation. That really takes a bite out of your financials.

In addition, remember, if you are ticketed, not to take your displeasure out on your animals. There is a law on the book too that addresses cruelty to animals of all kinds also.

Remember to keep your pets happy and out of harm’s way. You will be doing them and yourself a huge favor.