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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Jul 25, 2009

It wasn’t that many years ago that a well-known discount store chain wrapped the American flag around itself and proudly proclaimed, BUY AMERICAN.

Ironically, a heavy proportion of that same chain’s products now come from the Peoples Republic of China.

Buy American is a slogan and mantra that has been worn as thin as patriotism itself in this country. Just as many Americans have forgotten about the two wars our brave soldiers are now fighting – and astoundingly, many oppose – probably an even greater percentage of Americans think nothing of buying just about everything except the food they eat from a communist country. A growing percentage of our food, by the way, comes from South America.

How on God’s green earth can we rebuild our economy if we continue to buy Chinese goods? Self-aggrandized economists tell us that we are ignorant and unaware if we don’t realize we have a global economy and must accept the fate that China has foisted upon us – namely, that they own a good proportion of American debt plus make us slaves to their products. The fact of the matter is that it is the economists who are ignorant and unaware by encouraging us to buy products from a communist country where child laborers who do not perform up to standards are routinely beaten.

By buying Chinese, we are providing aid and comfort to a nation that as recently as the Vietnam conflict provided arms to the enemy. They didn’t call those Chi-Com AKs for nothing. Today, China’s economy is growing at the rate of 8 percent a year because we would rather support it than our own nation.

Buying American is definitely harder than it sounds, but it’s something that all of us as Americans need to start doing, and now.

Carefully choose what you buy. Look at the labels and see where products are made. If it’s American and it costs more, go ahead and buy it anyway.

Ultimately, if we continue to buy goods from foreign nations, those nations will be the only places where we can buy those goods because they will no longer be made in the United States. And we will be slaves to them.

And then it will be too late.