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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Jul 29, 2009

In about a month’s time, the efforts of your hard work and dedication in passing the massive bond issue for new school facilities will be obvious when that summoning bell for the 2009-10 school year rings for the first time.

Grades five through eight will be going to classes in their brand new middle school tucked beside the high school on First Avenue South. What a grand sight it presents!

While the general public will not gain access until after school begins with an open house, folks on the street are being told what a fine structure it is.

EL4C was comprised of a group of believers. These individuals who were either in the education business, parents, business people and other community members, stood firm on the idea there was no time like the present for Estherville Lincoln Central to get busy and start constructing.

We know the quality of materials used in the building process will endure many years of wear and tear. We also know that newer facilities can make the learning process easier.

This whole process, in a phrase, is a simplified “pay it forward.”

The EL4C donated their time and energy to ensure the voters fully understood the measure and what it was all about.

The voters exercised their right by heading to the polls on the appointed day in droves to overwhelmingly pass the issue by historic proportions.

The majority “YES” votes signaled a green light for the ELC School Board members to roll up their sleeves and make preparations for architect/contractor selections, bid reviews and everything else involved in building new school buildings.

Now that this phase nears completion, students, teachers and parents can breathe easier knowing their children are attending a school that is safe and sound. It was a year ago students attending Demoney Elementary were excited as the new wing would be used for the first time when school began. That construction project was also part of this bond issue.

These children who are benefiting from the new school facilities will someday land great jobs.

This is our future. These little students today will be the movers and shakers of tomorrow who will want to sit on vital committees and vote for the absolute necessities in life, whether it is new schools, libraries, courthouses, etc.

Again, THANK YOU EL4C we value your vigor and vision.