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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Aug 4, 2009

How sweet it was!

Thousands turned out for the 12th annual Sweet Corn Days this past weekend in Estherville. For four, great days, folks fished for carp with corn, watched fireworks start a thunderstorm, walked in or watched a great parade that had its biggest attendance ever, saw an incredible car show, danced their shoes off and paddled down a great canoe trail on the west fork of the Des Moines River.

Thanks to the help of many, many volunteers, it was a fantastic success.

You only had to take a look down Central Avenue during Saturday’s parade to get an idea off how many people came to town for Sweet Corn Days.

And, remarkably, everyone was pretty well behaved.

Extending Sweet Corn Days over a four-day period is a great idea too. It really gives folks a reason to stay in Estherville and SPEND THEIR MONEY LOCALLY. When you really think about it, dollar-for-dollar, there are few places where you can get a better deal than in Estherville.

Try paying for a motel room for the night, dining out or shopping anywhere else and you’ll learn pretty quickly what a value Estherville really is.

If you kept an ear open at Saturday night’s dance on North Seventh Street, you would have heard many, many comments by people on how great of a time they were having and how Estherville seemed to be so progressive. Many of those comments came from people who lived here once and now live elsewhere but who returned to visit Estherville for class reunions during Sweet Corn Days. Even out-of-towners commented on how much Estherville seems to be on the move.

People who came to Sweet Corn Days for the first time in several years – or the first time ever – saw not only a fantastic four-day event but also a brand-new school, a state-of-the-art Regional Wellness Center that has gained national attention as an example of what can happen when people work together, a downtown with practically no empty storefronts, community improvements thanks to Excel! Estherville, great restaurants and business district and above all, a whole lot of friendly people.

If Estherville intended to send a message on how great things are here, the message went out loud and clear and far and wide.

And people are listening.