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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Aug 7, 2009

Hopefully this makes you smile Aug. 1-7 is National Clown Week in the United States. It has been designated as such since 1970.

President at that time was Richard M. Nixon signing the proclamation.

While some would say it was fitting he inked his name on the dotted line, that is beside the point.

It was the idea of the Congress, by joint resolution to call public attention to the charitable activities of clowns and the wholesome entertainment they provide for all our citizens. The resolution received approval on Oct. 8, 1970 (Public Law 91-433), requesting the President designate the week of August 1-7, 1971, as International Clown Week.

What’s not to love about a clown? There is fun and merriment involved when they are around as their antics have them on the receiving end of many calamities. They make us laugh; so hard at times we cry. When clowns are around, that means there is a parade or a circus nearby. The child in all of us is delighted!

Who hasn’t said to someone younger, “Quit clowning around!” At times immaturity wins and our juvenile side comes through with some such silliness. But at that particular time, our pranks seem like appropriate behavior.

For those who can, think back and remember Emmet the Clown and Red Skelton. Every nationality can lay claim to a famous and favorite clown. Many of our popular clowns today do not hide behind paint and costumes, including Robin Williams and Adam Sandler.

Some folks are born and live their lives wanting to hear the sound of laughter. They will go to any length to hear a good belly laugh. And to that we say, “Bring in the clowns.”

Taken from nationalclownweek.org/Proclamation.shtml, “In the folklore of the world is the persistent claim that the heart of a clown is sad, and that all the gladness he provokes is simply a facade for the pain he cannot reveal to the world. In the myth is the kernel of reason: the clown leaves happiness where he goes, and takes misery away with him.”

It goes without saying the world is a happier place because of the pleasurable presence of clowns.