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Letter to the editor

By Staff | Aug 12, 2009

To the EDN:

Everyone should mark Thursday, Aug. 27 on their calendar. From 8-9 a.m. our Senator Charles Grassley will be in town for his town hall meeting. Ask yourself these very important questions about healthcare,

1. Since the government has put our country in debt with “stimulus programs,” and Congress was already saying Medicare and Medicaid were in financial messes, how can they expect to finance another even more expensive program?

2. With so many people unemployed the rate of money coming in from income taxes has dropped dramatically.

3. Will the solution be to set up stringent “criteria” for treatment? How old we are? How sick we are? Will lives be shortened to save money?

4. Will the government be the one to decide the treatment my doctor can give me?

5. Is it true this plan will make us pay for abortions?

6. Will the government force a physician or hospital to perform abortions and euthanasia?

7. Will the unethical mandates cause hospitals and medical centers to close?

8. How many people will become unemployed because of this bill?

9. Is this really what WE want?

10. If this is a “Great Plan” will all our politicians go on this plan?

We should ALL be concerned and take off your rose colored glasses. Nothing is free! And how much more do we need big brother to run our lives?

Obama talks about reining in costs yet this bill doesn’t do that. Wait until we start seeing the unemployment at the insurance companies, hospitals, clinics, etc. If he only wants to pay so much, we will get what we pay for. The government will have to ration care. There is a reason this country has great doctors and medical care.

Medicare and Social Security are rapidly going broke. The government will not fix or deal with this problem. How can we trust them to take more money and manage our healthcare any better?

If you think about young children with medical conditions, be it physical or mental, are you willing to have big brother call the shots and tell you if your child or loved one can live? Who makes the decision as to who lives or dies?

We are all told to exercise, live healthy, etc., etc. Yet because of genes or things beyond our control, many of us have complications, such as heart conditions, cancer, diabetes, etc., but live fruitful and productive lives. Are they to be thrown away because of their illnesses and the cost?

You know Obama does not respect the innocent life, why would he respect ours?

It is time to be heard as free Americans. We are not the vigilantes that the administration and their czars like to call us. That tells me they are running scared if they fear the “average tax paying American citizen.”

We need to have the opportunity to ask the questions and they need the opportunity to respond in an orderly and courteous fashion. This is why these meetings are held-to hopefully inform us with accurate information as well as to listen to the input of their voters.

And now Congress is considering purchasing expensive jets, just for their own use. And the list goes on and on, right up to calling in your neighbor. It still is a free country for now. Take off your blinders and go ask OUR representatives what is happening in this country, Thursday, Aug. 27, 8-9 a.m. Emmet County Farm Bureau Building, Estherville, Iowa. Senator Grassley will also be at the Sami Bedell Center for Performing Arts in Spirit Lake from 10-11 a.m. that same day.

It is important that all people voice their thought on this important issue.

Dean Fernholz

Betty Fernholz,