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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Aug 14, 2009

Good things comes to those who wait



And dream.

It has been a topsy-turvy summer for the Emmet County Law Enforcement Center as electricians, computer technicians, work space designers and other experts toiled to bring the hub of the operation the control room into the 21st century.

While modern technology waits for no one and advances in that field occur in less time than it takes for an eye blink, it takes determination and specific creativity to find the exorbitant amount of money to stay current.

Therefore, it is time to pat the backs of those individuals on the Emmet County E911 Service Board who made the decision to revamp the total operation. All of us in Emmet County must be appreciative of this willpower. After all, it is for the safety for the whole public that the lines of communication be the best in those unfortunate times of crisis and emergency.

It was about three years ago that major radio problems developed. Instead of resorting to the “Band Aid” system of repairing an antiquated system, the E911 board chose to explore the possibility of grant dollars and surcharges to scrap the current system and start fresh. In that amount of time, the selection panel in Washington, D.C. turned down two applications for the Fire Fighter Grant. However, as we all know, “third time’s a charm.” It was on the third try the county received $232,000. This opened the door, making our law enforcement center operation be light years ahead of where it was at the start of this year.

Two other entities must be recognized for making financial contributions to the project, that being the City of Estherville and Emmet County.

Overseeing the transformation and renovations were Emmet County Sheriff Mike Martens on the communications segment and Emmet County Emergency Management Coordinator Terry Reekers for the planning and 911 mapping.

Because of the delicate handling of operations that also includes the jail by dispatchers who must monitor five screens and answer phone calls and 911 calls, there can be no open house to showcase the hub of activity in the law enforcement center. However, we hope our citizens and visitors to Emmet County can breathe a little easier now, knowing communication among law enforcement personnel is in tip-top shape.