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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Aug 15, 2009

With school days approaching quickly, it should be no surprise that August is “Get Ready for Kindergarten Month.”

Estherville Lincoln Central Elementary Principal Kris Schlievert offers these tips.

“This sounds obvious to me, but the first thing is to start having a regular bed time-at least the week before the school starts and they get plenty of rest.”

She also mentioned one of the concerns of the teachers’ involves going to the restroom and that children can do the necessary things themselves.

A third point is for children eating school lunch to “encourage them to try everything on their plate and drink all their milk.”

Finally work with your child on listening.

“Children don’t always listen to parents, so sometimes it’s a shock in doing what the teachers ask.”

For ELC parents, Schlievert encourages them to check the child’s book bags every day for notes from school.

She also says parents should read the weekly newsletters sent out by the teachers.

Some other tips for parents of kindergarteners come from Hooked on Phonics to help your child prepare for the first day of school.

* Practice writing names. One fun way to do this is to send postcards to loved ones, and have her “sign” the bottom.

* Practice letters. While the weather’s still nice, go on a neighborhood letter hunt, spotting letters on signs. Spend read-aloud time with great alphabet picture books.

* Practice getting dressed without help. What better way to get dressing practice than by playing dress up? Pull out old Halloween costumes and clothes for different seasons and while away the hours with some quality pretend play.

* Practice numbers. Practice counting from one to 10 with a hopscotch board on the sidewalk, and practice counting while jumping rope or hopping on one foot. See who can go the longest.

As parents, we may never be ready for our little one to go off to kindergarten, but our children need to be ready.