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Letter to the editor

By Staff | Aug 19, 2009

To the EDN:

I am very confused about all the opposition to the proposed health care changes occurring in our nation right now. As I thought about how wonderful Medicare has been for me and my wife, I realized that I have never met a senior citizen who has not been pleased with the cost and coverage that we seniors have. I would encourage all Medicare participants to join this forum and list your displeasure with this current governmental program that we have had in this country since 1965. All who would love to return to the days of private health insurance please say so in print.

My monthly costs are quite reasonable:

1.$96.40 deducted from my social security for Medicare

2.$136.70 for my medical supplement

3.$29.70 for my Medicare Plan D drug coverage

($250 annual deductible and a co pay of 20 percent)

$262.39 total per month what a bargain!

I have had cancer surgery and I paid nothing. I get to choose my doctor and have never been denied anything. All this from a government program. Is this socialism? Has the country gone to hell in a hand basket since we got Medicare in 1965? I don’t think so.

I would encourage all who are worried about a government health care system but have Medicare to realize that we already have one and it is wonderful. The only thing wrong with it is that it does not include everyone.

If I am an exception, and if there are seniors out there who feel that Medicare is terrible, that it is expensive, and that it has not worked for them, I invite them to share their feelings by writing a letter to the editor as I have done and share their thoughts, citing specific examples that they have experienced about the failures of Medicare, our current government-run health care system. I look forward to hearing Medicare regrets from all you tea-baggers out there too.

I feel guilty about the benefits that I get that others do not have. I feel great sympathy for all the young families who struggle to pay their expensive monthly premiums or do not have any medical coverage. I understand the burden all employers have by providing health care coverage for their employees. I have contempt for the drug companies every time I hear their commercials on the evening news and read that they spend 1.25 million dollars a day for lobbyists to keep change from happening. The American people voted for change last November and it’s time that seniors realize that Obama is on our side and not the insurance or drug companies.

I look forward to specific and detailed response to this letter.

Don Brown,