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Letter to the editor

By Staff | Aug 22, 2009

To the EDN:

I remember the good old days when U.S. Senator Charles Grassley railed against private sector contractors that made the Department of Defense pay $500 for a hammer and $650 for a toilet seat. I admired the senator for his no-nonsense approach to governing and I was proud of the people of my State for having the good sense to send him to Washington.

Now, however, Mr. Grassley is a disappointment to me and a major embarrassment to the people of Iowa. Even fellow Republic Congressman Tom Latham says that there is neither “death panels” nor “pulling the plug on grandma” provisions anywhere in the proposed new health care legislation as Mr. Grassley has represented. Latham admits that Mr. Grassley is guilty of not telling you the truth about the proposed legislation.

So, what is Mr. Grassley’s justification for all this misrepresentation? Well, Grassley says that he is negotiating for the Republicans and if he cannot get more than four (4) Republicans to support the proposed legislation, then he is not doing a very good job and he (Grassley) will not even vote for it even if he thinks it is a good bill.

Wow! I thought the good people of Iowa sent Grassley to Washington to represent the people of Iowa. The only way someone acquires the twisted logic that Grassley now has regarding who he works for is – spending too much time in Washington. I say that the old war horse that I admired so long ago has lost his spirit and spunk and should be put out to pasture.

Doug Hansen