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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Aug 27, 2009

OK. We’ve heard a lot of bad news on the national and international front lately.

So let’s hear what’s right about Estherville.

On Monday Randy Beaver, chair of the Emmet County Board of Supervisors and local contractor, volunteered his equipment, gas and time to haul wood chips from Gull Point to the White Tail Ridge interpretive trail at Fort Defiance State Park. The interpretive trail is located just off the west parking lot.

Lending a hand were Friends of Fort Defiance members and others including John Varcoe, Dave Seylar, John Wittneben and Garrick Humpal, an Iowa Lakes Community College student who volunteered for community service through the college Service Learning course. Garrick is a criminal justice student from Jefferson.

The Service Learning course is new at Iowa Lakes and Sharon Hackenmiller is the instructor. The purpose is to give students real-life experience in serving the community. The idea is to instill in students a lifelong interest in community service and civic responsibility.

What a great concept! By offering such a course, Iowa Lakes Community College is showing its dedication to serving the community. Students who participate in the program are also showing they are a cut above their peers by going above and beyond what they “have” to do by showing what they want to do.

The Friends of Fort Defiance definitely appreciate the great help they received from Garrick and they look forward to meeting other Iowa Lakes students in projects at the park.

Those donating time again Tuesday were Laura Young, Loma Roggenkamp (another Iowa Lakes student), Dave Seylar, John Varcoe and John Wittneben. The group Tuesday planned work projects for the rest of this year and walked a few areas to see where bridges should be placed or moved and where trails could be altered.

Sue and Doug Evans are doing a major facelift on Sue’s business, Romantic Treasures, on Central Avenue. It will be a huge beautification effort along Central, and we look forward to more businesses making similar improvements.

And how about that new Dairy Queen! Talk about a great, new building in a great location!

And how about our brand new school!

And if anyone ever told you that you couldn’t get good service in a small town, well, that’s simply not the case. One of our staff members took a lawnmower to Stall’s and got it back the next day!

We could go on and on about all the great things happening in Estherville, but we’re out of space. Just watch the Daily News for updates.