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Letters to the editor

By Staff | Sep 3, 2009

To the EDN:

Hats off to Don Brown for his candid and insightful perspective on our Medicare system. How refreshing to read some positive well-thought out comments about our government, instead of the fear-mongering, dire predictions bombarding us from television, radio talk shows and especially the internet. While being a vast source of information, the internet can also be a tool for a multitude of misconceptions and propaganda when used irresponsibly. Perhaps the cruelest scare tactic being used currently is the “death panel” threat. Hospice, one of our most successful and respected government regulated programs, for years has been offering end of life care, counseling and assistance, assuring that the individual’s wishes and rights are respected. This is exactly what the proposed health care plan will provide but it will be available to all, not just to those being served by Hospice. If we allow fear to control our lives, we won’t need to worry about socialism because we will soon find ourselves living under a dictatorship. Education is the best way to fight fear. Let’s seek out and listen to both sides of this issue, calmly and with open minds. That is what democracy is all about and that is what makes our system of government so great.

Oh, and by the way, Mr. Brown, what is a “tea-bagger?” I’m wondering if I am one.

Sherlene Tindall,