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Wash those hands for good flu defense

By Staff | Sep 8, 2009

The thought of influenza is far from comforting. Missing work and feeling lousy are not choices that rank up high on anyone’s list. So do what you can to avoid the illness.

The most important advice to remember is to wash your hands.

Wash them after visiting the restroom.

Wash them before preparing meals.

Wash them before you eat.

Use good hand-washing techniques that include soap and water as hot as you can tolerate.

Remember to dry your hands thoroughly to avoid dry, cracked skin, as germs will snuggle down deep to strike at a moment’s notice!

Speaking of food and meals, do all you can to eat nutritiously and drink plenty of fluids during the flu season. Rest is another essential part of the regiment to ensure good health. Do your best to avoid stress. Studies show stress will weaken the body’s immune system

If your personal physician gives the go-ahead, get into the daily habit of taking vitamin C.

And it goes without saying, get the annual flu shot, especially if your medical circumstances place you in the high-risk category (children under 2 years of age, senior citizens and anyone with severe chronic lung disease).