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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Sep 9, 2009

It’s been a long, long wait, but it finally happened. Estherville Lincoln Central Middle School students attended their first day of school at their brand new school just a little over a week ago on Tuesday, Sept. 1.

It was the first time students in Estherville entered the doors of a new school in nearly 50 years.

It was through the efforts of EL4C that voters approved the school bond by 82 percent. Had the election been held two, even one year later, it’s hard to say what the outcome would have been. People tend to not want to spend money in tight economic times.

However, the new school is an excellent investment. It consolidates students into one location and also saves utilities and labor costs by bringing students together. It will prove to be an excellent longterm investment.

One only had to see the bright, shining faces of the students as they entered their new school last Tuesday to see that it was worth it. The kids understand now that people care enough about their education to pay for it. Their mood was more upbeat than it has been in years, and the teachers and administrators were on top of the world.

The voters who cast their ballots in favor of the new school are to be congratulated for making an excellent investment in our students’ future. Don’t be surprised if test scores spike dramatically. And don’t be surprised if we send one or more teams to a state championship this year.

Children are like a fire. If you smother them and fail to give them oxygen, they will wither and die. If you fan the flames of their educational enthusiasm- like giving them a new school – watch out!

We hope to see everyone at the middle school open house 5-7 p.m. this Thursday. Come help us celebrate history in the making!