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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Sep 15, 2009

Change is good. It is in those occasions of altering experiences that we can grow physically, mentally and spiritually. As circumstances change within our own individual lives, we can stretch our capabilities to explore new surroundings.

We all face changes for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes they are planned. Other times they come as a complete shock.

As high school seniors accept their diplomas at commencement, they pass the threshold that propels them into institutions of higher learning, the military or the job market. (In 2009, more entered the realm of unemployment, a very unwanted change.) Their transition also makes room for the little ones who enter kindergarten who learn they must sit still quietly to learn lessons completely. This perhaps is a change from what they know as preschoolers. They then pass grade after grade until it is their turn to graduate 13 years into the future. And the beat goes on.

From birth until the final breath, changes in life can be good or bad depending on the person and the circumstances. Losing one’s job is never a welcomed change, but one that is uncontrollable. As we grow and mature, our health will change and probably not for the best, especially if we are not paying attention to it. A change of eating habits and an increase in exercise can encourage better health as we age.

We can change our mind and our attitude. The choice to change or not is an individual’s prerogative. These changes may be selfish as there are times when mind and attitude modifications can affect so many others. And the beat goes on.

We can change addresses, moving across town or anywhere else in the world if we so choose. Again, there is heartache in leaving the familiar and anticipation on what is yet to be in the new place. There is pain leaving old friends but joy when finding chums at the new place. And the beat goes.

We roll with the punches as the seasons change. Here in Northwest Iowa, there is the quiet softness of a blossoming spring that tiptoes in behind the wrath of a cruel winter. Summer unfolds in all it dazzling glory under a canopy of billowing bright clouds in sunny blue skies. The change into autumn is the most dramatic to the eye as the greens of summer turn crimson, golden and mauve. This seasonal change seems to be the loudest as well as rakes scrape across the grass and leaves crunch underfoot. There is the cheering for autumn’s athletes who spike the volleyball, make the touchdown and cross the finish line at cross-country meets. Before long, these sports will be replaced with winter’s basketball and wrestling activities. Springtime athletes will be on the track and field, golf courses and tennis courts. And the beat goes on.

Life would be monotonous without change, would it not?