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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Sep 22, 2009

A friend of ours recently told us that he felt that he had to lock his car in Emmet County.

We thought that sounded reasonable. After all, if you have valuables in your car someone might be tempted to take them. But then he explained the real reason.

“You see, this time of year, if I don’t lock my car, when I’m not looking someone always puts vegetables in the front seat.”


When you have to lock your car so people don’t put vegetables in your front seat, you know you’re in Emmet County.

And how thankful we should be to live in such a place.

You see that every year when the annual Emmet County Relay For Life breaks the $100,000 mark. Throughout the year, charitable organizations and businesses do their best to raise funds through bake sales, cookoffs and other events to help this worthy cause. The Relay For Life every June rivals Sweet Corn Days as a celebration – from the survivors walk to the hundreds of candles on the Courthouse lawn at dusk.

Armstrong residents proved how much they cared for their children when they raised over $300,000 in a few months for a new pool – or over $300 for each person in the community.


We also know of a family who lost their home and all their possessions in a fire – a fire that was still blazing when people started putting money into a special account in a local bank for them.

Donations have been free as well for the housing rehabilitation program in Estherville. Area businesses gave selflessly to help others improve their homes and live a little more comfortably.

Every year about this time the Emmet County food pantry fills its larder to the ceiling. Everyone from Boy Scouts to church groups to individuals steps forward to help – and we know how much that help is needed.

At every meeting, the Black Knights Car Club votes to give money to someone in need – whether it’s a person with a serious illness or who was in an accident – the Knights are always there.

While “philanthropists” in other communities always demand to have their photo in the paper when they hand someone a check, it’s a little different in Emmet County. While we do receive calls on occasion at the Daily News to take the typical “check passing” photo, we know that the vast majority of donations are from silent givers, unsung heroes who love nothing better than to help out a total stranger because of the warm feeling it gives them inside.

It’s sort of a habit, you see – a habit that’s infectious throughout our county.

And we’re all so much better for it.