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Letter to the Editor

By Staff | Oct 1, 2009

To the EDN:

In response to an article that was published on Sept. 16, headlining our Daily News, stating that trucks are tearing up the highways and YES this is true “we big trucks do contribute to the wear and tear of our infrastructure”; however trucks do pay their fair share, putting money back into the re-building/reconstruction of roads-BUT what is even more important is that without trucks the communities like Estherville and Armstrong would suffer tremendously.

Not only do trucks provide goods to our communities that we rely on to survive day in and day out, but trucking also contributes to the economy in our communities, by providing good jobs to a lot of people. Holiday Express alone provides jobs to over 130 people in and around our community. All too often the bureaucrats forget these realities and try to once again get the trucking industry to bear the burden.

Something to also consider is that perhaps the majority of the heavy, over-weighted vehicles are farmers transporting their commodities to and from their fields to farms or to the elevators with NO weight restrictions, unlike a commercial motor vehicle (a Holiday Express truck). Growing up on a farm and farming still being a very important part of my family I recognize the importance the farmer provides to me, to our community-to our world, but farmers DO NOT PAY the fees and taxes that we (commercial motor carriers) do. Over the course of just one year, Holiday Express pays just under $1,000,000 in taxes to help with the “wear and tear” of our highways. This is done through license fees, Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes, and Fuel/Mileage Taxes.

The real message that needs to be heard is that “Without Trucks America Stops” Over 3.5 million professional drivers deliver goods everyday in the U.S. Trucking in Iowa employs over 86,000 people or one in every 11 Iowans get a paycheck from trucking-an average of over $35,000 annually or over $3 billion in salaries annually. Trucks carry over 82 percent of all the manufactured freight transported in Iowa. On a daily basis, trucks move an average of 152,920 tons of inbound freight and 205,550 tons of outbound freight-just in IOWA. In Iowa, 75 percent of all the communities rely exclusively on trucks for the delivery of goods and products that we need each day-groceries on our shelves, medical supplies available when we are sick, and clothes and blankets for when we are cold.

Trucks-we are BIG, but we are “Hauling the Good Stuff”!

Sheila Schichtl,

Holiday Express