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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Oct 6, 2009

Officials from throughout the region, on both sides of the Minnesota-Iowa border, responded en masse Friday night when a Fairmont, Minn., man was reported missing after his canoe tipped over on Iowa Lake.

Due to darkness, winds and low water clarity, the body of David Sukalski of Fairmont was not found until just before noon Saturday.

The point is, though, that he was found and found relatively quickly which helped limit the time his family had to anguish over his disappearance.

That fact that so many agencies responded should give the rest of us comfort that help will be there if it’s ever needed.

The responding agencies included:

n Martin County Sheriff’s Office.

n Martin County Sheriff’s Posse.

n Emmet County Sheriff’s Office.

n Gold Cross Ambulance.

n Fairmont, Minn., Police Department.

n Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

n Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

n Iowa State Patrol.

n Fairmont, Minn., Fire Department.

n Armstrong Fire Department.

n South Central Dive Team.

n Martin County and Minnesota Regional Red Cross.

n Chanhassen Weather.

n Trimont, Minn., Fire Department.

n Sherburn, Minn., Fire Department.

n Ceylon, Minn., Fire Department.

n Estherville Fire Department.

Our regional first responders, including police, fire and emergency personnel, proved once again that when a disaster strikes, borders vanish and everyone comes to another’s aid.

One is reminded of the United Flight 232 disaster a few years ago in Sioux City when hundreds of emergency personnel turned out to help save most of the people aboard. The reason that made international news was that few people in other parts of the country and the world had ever seen a similar level of cooperation.

Whenever you hear a hero interviewed, he or she usually says anyone else would have done the same thing.

Well, where we live, that’s just a way of life.