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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Oct 14, 2009

In our office here at the Estherville Daily News, we have a Dec. 2, 1968 edition on display with a story titled, “Man Who Named Midgets Retires from Post Office.”

Vince Maloney takes credits for the school mascot.

Here is an excerpt from the article written by Dorothy Story:

Maloney, who has followed sports closely, says it was he who named the high school football team the Midgets.

It was in 1927, he recalls, when the local team was playing at Jackson, Minn. Maloney attended the game and wrote an account of it for the Vindicator [The Vindicator and Republican was an earlier incarnation of the Estherville paper.] He also had the responsibility of sending a report of the game to the Des Moines Register by wire. As he sat in the telegraph office in Jackson, he tried to think of a nickname for the team.

“We went through the names of animals,” he recalls, “but none of them seemed to fit. Suddenly the name Midgets popped into my head. To me it meant ‘little gentlemen.’ I called the team the Midgets in my telegraph to the Register and the name stuck.

“Several times in later years the school tried to get the name changed, but the students always voted against it.”

At Monday’s Estherville Lincoln Central School Board meeting, the mascot name didn’t face a challenge, but the Midget logo did. ELC residents again showed their preference and pride in this unique “little gentleman” to represent the community and the school.

Go Midgets!