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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Oct 28, 2009

If it did not prove it in its uncaring, incompetent treatment of the victims of Hurricane Katrina, it has with how it has dealt with the victims of last year’s floods in eastern Iowa.

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Administration) has finally without doubt proven what a totally worthless and incompetent agency it really is.

People staying in FEMA trailers after last year’s flooding will be charged rent after November.

Oh, that’s no big deal, you might say. So what’s a two- or three-bedroom trailer going to rent for in Iowa, $200, $300.

That’s the going rate, but try more like $649 for a two-bedroom trailer and $920 for three bedrooms.

And oh, don’t forget the lot rent and utilities.

FEMA spokesperson Crystal Payton says charging rent is standard practice when it’s deemed necessary to extend a program. So, the flood victims of last year’s flood now face a Nov. 27 deadline to be out – or pay rent so exorbitant that it’s three times the standard rate.

Happy Thanksgiving from FEMA.

Payton also shows her total ignorance of flood victims by claiming that trailer users will be charged the fair-market rate set by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

While there were 564 families living in FEMA trailers at the height of the program, there are now 124 families that FEMA plans to kick out into the cold, Iowa winter.

FEMA’s insensitivity to Iowa’s flood victims is overshadowed only by how it abandoned Katrina flood victims.

Such actions show how out of touch FEMA – and Washington – is with victims of natural disaster in the heartland.

We were much better off when churches and humanitarian-based organizations such as the Salvation Army cared for those in need.

Maybe we shut down FEMA and keep our tax dollars in our pockets. That seems to be the only sensible solution.