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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Nov 5, 2009

Yeah, it seems like a hassle, but 14 percent of eligible Emmet County voters turned out to vote in Tuesday’s elections. Turnout was even better in the smaller communities, with 28 percent of Ringsted voters, 29 percent in Gruver and 30 percent of registered Wallingford casting their ballots. (Rural county voters weren’t required to participate as the election was to elect city officials only.)

While that’s not an enormous number of people when compared to general election standards, it’s still a fairly respectable percentage for a municipal election.

Voters made their choices heard, and those choices will help determine how a good portion of our tax dollars are spent over the next several years.

We are indeed lucky to have the right to vote – something that’s not guaranteed in other countries. We should not have to remind ourselves that America is currently at war in two countries, partly to help give people in those countries the right to vote.

If we have soldiers willing to die to ensure the right of people in other countries to vote, then shouldn’t we take that right seriously here at home?

Let’s hope more people turn out the for next election, and more for the one after that. Only by exercising our constitutional right to elect our representatives can we continue to ensure a free and functioning society.

Please be careful this harvest season

We’ve said this before but we’ll say it again. Please, please be careful this harvest season.

With a good month of heavy rains, farmers have been delayed in getting into field. So they’re out scrambling now to get their crops out of the field.

Everyone needs to look out for slow-moving vehicles, many with trailers without turn signals. If you’re following a farm vehicle and it slows for an intersection just ahead, assume it will turn left and do not try to pass until you see what the vehicle is going to do.

Defensive driving means watching out for the other driver and anticipating in advance what that driver is going to do.

So let’s all work together to make our highways safer for everyone.