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Letter to the editor

By Staff | Apr 30, 2010

To the EDN:

The snow was deep-really deep. The only way I could see my loved one’s stone was the very top of the artificial wreath and swag-roping that I had displayed next to her stone.

in February the snow was still too deep to remove the decorations. i checked again on Sunday, April 18 and the wreath and swag-roping were gone. I was heart-broken. i contacted the caretaker and was informed that every seasonal item and dead or dying flower was removed and destroyed April 1.

Many of us are on limited incomes in today’s economy. The artificial decorations I placed at the cemetery to honor my loved one were carefully selected with the intent of using them again next Christmas.

Cemetery caretakers do a very good job keeping the cemeteries attractive. your job is an important part of blessing the families who are grieving.

With respect for others who grieve and have discovered their items missing, may I suggest the following ideas. Send a group e-mail to all area churches to let them know when your clean-up dates are. include the newspapers and radio. We live in a very kind and caring community. Please let us know so that we can retrieve items we wish to use again to continue honoring our loved ones.


Linda Prince