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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | May 5, 2010

It’s that time of year again when everyone should take notice of the severe weather that can come with spring storms.

Springtime and storms do seem to come together in Iowa. And you can never be too prepared for the worst.

We all know that we should monitor weather reports before traveling or planning an outdoor outing. However, knowing and practicing what we should do are two entirely different things.

Before you do plan on anything outdoors, check the weather forecast first, whether it’s on the radio or television. Best of all, of course, is a weather radio which is available for only a few dollars at a lot of local stores.

If you’re boating, conditions can turn very hazardous – very quickly. Winds over 20 miles an hour can whip up waves that can create a real problem for boaters. A good rule of thumb is that if those whitecaps make you a little hesitant to not go out on the water, that’s your survival instinct kicking in. So listen to it.

If you’re at home and hear a tornado warning on the radio or television, take it seriously. Have a plan in place as to where you should go in the event of an emergency. If you have a cleared space underneath a basement stairway, that’s probably about the best place you could find. Make sure you have ready access to the spot and make sure you have a flashlight with fresh batteries and that weather radio handy.

There are more people killed by lightning than tornadoes every year, so take extra precaution in going out into the open. If you’re in your car during a thunderstorm, your car is a pretty safe place to be. So stay there.

Just a little preparation now can help prevent a tragedy later.

So be prepared and be safe.