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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | May 6, 2010

Some may say that character issues are “inconsequential” when voting for candidates and that qualifications and the ability to do the job are more important.

We couldn’t disagree more.

American voters have the chance to decide whom they put into office this June and again in November. Rest assured that the press and other candidates will dredge up whatever they can on the candidates – that’s just the political environment we’re in.

Character is a core issue in deciding which candidates get our vote. And we all know what character is – or at least we should. It means telling the truth, paying one’s debts and honoring one’s God, family, community and country. And we should take a good, hard look at candidates who do not consider those things priorities.

This is not to say that a candidate can’t change his or her mind on an issue or even reverse course. If one learns something new about an issue, that can be a good reason to change a policy. To do otherwise would be dogmatic at best and probably irrationally foolish as well.

There is a stirring in the air among people of both parties that they’re tired of “business as usual” and people want a change in which they are governed. The people want to take back their country from the hands of those who have guided it down the wrong path.

Hopefully, those citizens who want to see a change will step forward and run for political office themselves. We can all benefit from their fresh perspective and new ways of doing things.

We are indeed in very interesting times. It will be even more interesting to see where the upcoming elections lead us.

And above all, know this: Your vote, and your scrutiny of the character of the candidates for whom you vote, will make the difference.